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How to become a member of WVCC


Our vision is to help you feel welcome at Wills Valley Community Church! Many people have found that they can become part of a true spiritual family as they follow God´s plan for developing relationships.


Please take a moment to look through our site to see where we can help you along your spiritual journey.


We help people to take their first spiritual steps after becoming a follower of Jesus Christ through the following ministries:

BAPTISM: Our privilege is to serve people who want to publicly express their commitment to Christ through water baptism. (Acts 2:41)

MEMBERSHIP CLASS: This "101 Class" is offered quarterly to those interested in learning more about Wills Valley Community Church and those considering becoming a member of our church family. This class is where people have the chance to learn about Wills Valley Community Church and what it means to become part of our church family. A clear presentation of our ministry, its purposes, what we believe, and why is offered during our Membership Class.  

Once you've joined our church, Classes 201, 301, & 401 are offered quarterly in consecutive order to help our members pursue spiritual growth and maturity.

MEMBERSHIP: After completing the requirements for membership:

  • Accepting Jesus Christ as Savior,

  • being baptized,

  • completing the Membership Class,

  • and signing the Membership Covenant

  • . . . then, people can join our church family. (Eph. 2:19)


It is our joy to welcome new members into the Wills Valley family. We do this by sending them a signed Certificate of Membership containing the Covenant, which all Wills Valley Community Church members agree to abide.


Once people have joined our church family, we offer several different ways to get involved so that people begin to connect with their church family, deepen their relationships, and change their lives!



Pastor Denny Mashburn


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